Seattle, Washington, USA.

4’ H x 3500’ Lx 6” D

Re-purposed components from original bridge, stainless steel.

From the smallest details of the railing panels to the grandeur of the entry portals, Grygutis enabled commuters at all levels to engage with the artwork along the new South Park Bridge.

Grygutis was immediately impressed by the massive yet intricate inner mechanics of the original bridge—including gears of varying sizes and the immense rocker arms which helped open and close the bascule arm bridge. The gears, along with railing segments from the original bridge, are masterfully repurposed and imbedded as art vignettes along the new steel railings. The appropriated historic elements effortlessly meld with the contemporary design of the railing. The railing pickets within the panels subtly curve to mirror the ebb and flow of the Duwamish River beneath. Soft silver tone powder coating unites the all of the railing elements while catching the subtle shifts of light in this unique marine locale. The massive rocker arms which flank the bridge at each end form portals to the new bridge, an artistic statement about journey. At night, the rocker arms are illuminated to create a stunning gateway at each end.

Engineering: HNTB, Seattle, WA.

Commissioned by King County, 4Culture, Seattle, WA.




2015 APWA Project of the Year for Washington State

South Park Bridge
American Public Works Association

2015 ACEC Gold Award

South Park Bridge
American Council of Engineering Companies for Washington State


Photo Credit: Spike Mafford