DROP 2010

Prewett Water Park, Antioch, California, USA.

35' H x 11' W x 8’ D tapering to 1" at the top

Steel, aluminum, and light.

The significance and splendor of water, as visualized in the form of an iridescent drop, is the primary impetus for Drop, which serves as a welcoming beacon to visitors of Prewett Family Park in Antioch, California. The iconic work of art stands 35 feet tall and 12 feet wide. Drop is conceptualized to articulate water in its most explicit and substantial singular form. Drop creates a visual strategy that encourages citizens to think of their relationship to water conservation in a multi-layered way.

Commissioned by The Arts & Cultural Foundation of Antioch.



Public Landscape Street Furniture I

Hi-Design International Publishing CO., LTD. , Shenzhen, China 2014.



Photo Credit: Spike Mafford